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Happy World Kindness Day!

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"Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see."  - Mark Twain

World Kindness Day was started by the World Kindness Movement in 1998 to promote kindness as a force that binds us all together. According to, " No matter where you are, this is the day to change the world with one simple act of kindness."

We love this idea of spreading kindness and think it is especially important for travel.  Whether it is a local helping you find your way around a new city or a waitress giving you free advice on how to enjoy your trip, acts of kindness can really make or break your travels. So this World Kindness Day think about how you can do something nice for fellow travelers or people new to your area. Reach out to your friends in other countries or contribute to a nonprofit making a difference in a part of the world you haven't been to yet. Join in on this movement to create a kinder world that will be even more fun to travel around.  

Here are some ideas on how to spread kindness that we loved from

Bring someone a souvenir. 

Invite someone over for the holidays. 

Ask someone about their culture. 

Share a music playlist with a friend. 

Be a positive person. 

Host an international student. 

Give someone a vacation. 

Leave a used book on public transport. 

Host a cookie exchange. 

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